dick hoogendijk wrote:
I want to change my debian linux server into a FreeBSD one.
All's quite set up to do this fast and easy, except for one thing: in my
linux machine I have a large "LAN-shared" drive, using the EXT3

This drive must not be down too long, otherwise I get into lots of
trouble w/ my homemates :-)) (wife, children..)

I think FreeBSD does _not_ support the linux ext2 / ext3
What is the best way to change the filesystem on that drive?
Use another one and copy the files, sure, but how, when fbsd doesn't
understand ext2/ext3 ?
FreeBSD _does_ understand ext2.  See the mount_ext2fs command for details.
Unfortunately, ext3 isn't supported yet AFAIK.  So I guess you could reformat
the filesystem as ext2 (do a dump/restore) and you'll be in business.

Any reason why you can't copy the contents of this partition to another
computer (via network) and then reformat it UFS while installing FreeBSD
and copy everything back?

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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