Hi list,

I am using FreeBSD 6.1 and bacula with DVD-writing for a short time now. Today bacula refused to write to the DVD anymore. When I manually mount the DVD I get the abve mentioned message in dmesg, in /var/log/messages I get

Oct 22 09:32:53 epia kernel: RRIP without PX field?
Oct 22 09:32:53 epia mountd[435]: can't delete exports for /cdrom: Invalid argument

The DVD acutally get mounted, but an ls produces now output, df -h gives this:
Filesystem     Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/cd0       4.3G    4.3G      0B   100%    /cdrom

I can read the DVD on a Windows XP no problem, so I think this is rather an OS problem than a bacula problem.

This is what the bacula tools give back:

epia# /usr/local/share/bacula/dvd-handler /dev/cd0 test
Class disk, initialized with device '/dev/cd0'
type = 'DVD+RW' mode='none' status = 'complete'
next_session = 4569038848 capacity = 4700372992
Hardware device is '[_NEC    ][DVD_RW ND-7550A ][1.01]'
growcmd = 'growisofs -use-the-force-luke=notray -quiet -use-the-force-luke=4gms' growparams = ' -A 'Bacula Data' -input-charset=default -iso-level 3 -pad -p 'dvd-handler / growisofs' -sysid 'BACULADATA' -R'

Blank disk: False ReWritable disk: True
Free space: 120848384

So, there should be some space left... but the actually problems is that I can't get the directory listing. Bacula wrote about 40 files to the DVD+RW, each in a single write progress.

Anyone any idea what is wrong here?

Please answer in private mail, too, since I am not subscribed to this list.

Many thanks in advance,

Jan Lentfer

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