Added to my original problem description the full list of WARNING messages from boot: BTW, my FreeBSD 5.5 is running on a Pentium 4/2.4 GHz, 512 M RAM, Asus mother board, oodles of disk

Matthew Pope wrote:

I have a bit of grey hair, but I've been blessed with working with FreeBSD gurus so much that I am struggling to run my own domain and webserver. That is I have have been co-dependant upon FreeBSD gurus in the past, so I was lazy. I'm now on my own and finding that administering a UNIX system based domain and webserver is rewarding, but requires a lot of technical knowledge.

The root of my problem was my 5.4 based system was running out of sockets due to a close early problem, and a problem description I read in the mailing lists did describe something very close, for which the discoverer of the problem provided a patch. Rather than patch, I thought it that since it's been a year, it was time to rebuild the kernel with the latest STABLE release. So I did the rebuild as instructed in the FreeBSD Handbook. Now I'm up to 5-5 STABLE using a default kernel Generic i386 version.

The mergemaster step following the rebuild and reboot took me for a ride. Rather I rode free and easy not quite sure what I was doing. I was not sure exactly which file to go with, and I tended to choose t for temp file for many of the prompts. Now my 5.5 kernel boots, but there are a number of messages of the form:
source_rc_confs: not found
$ipnat_enable is not set properly - see rc.conf(5)
$ipfs_enable is not set properly - see rc.conf(5)

same message as above but with these additional var names:


My rc.conf includes:

I later read in the mailing list that someone had a simliar problem and solved it by re-running the mergemaster step. I tried that too, and this time I selected <default> answer to all the prompts about conflicts. I rebooted, but I still cannot even ping my gateway, as I'm getting "no route to host".

I tried starting routed manually, but still no routes were discovered. I also tried inserting a subroutine into rc.subr that called source_rc_confs that did source the rc.confs, and it is called during boot I see from /var/messages. But alas this is a desperate measure, there must be something I can do to fix this problem without meddling in rc.subr. So my routing is down, which means my dns is down, and most definetely my httpd is down.

Any help in debugging, resolving this poorly executed upgrade would be very welcome.
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