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Hey people,

I'd like something to look at traffic use through my gateway, so I know
much of my upload bandwidth and download bandwidth is in use at any time.
Ideally it'll tell me from where, so I can look at internal abusers, or
get an
idea of where hits are coming from.

Is your gateway running FreeBSD? If yes why don't you try to run TCPDUMP on

Off the top of my head, I can think of two tools.

1. ntop - great web interface, but I've found it unstable
2. iptraf - good curses interface, but I'm looking for trend monitoring
3. mrtg - as I'm running snmp, so I could just monitor it from a desktop
running mrtg...

Any other suggestions?

Take a look to Ettercap/Etterlog. It can capture packets in switched LANs,
remotely and can be combined with other tools such as TCPDUMP or Ethereal
and BPF filters. RTFM. I need to advice that you use such tools tenderly.
There is a large variety of packet capturing tools out there, check:

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