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On 10/23/06, Alexandre Vieira <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I don't have, yet, details about the devices that will be used in the
> side but I know that we'll use RSA randomized rotative SecureID's and
> use IPSEC.
> I'm not aware if this kind of auth mecanism has anything to do with the
> client itself.

That authentication mechanism is configured on the vpn concentrator
but performed with the help from an additional box running an RSA
specific app.
Most likely the VPN Concentrator and the PIX will disappear and the
ASAs will be a multi purpose device so keep those in mind if it's a
new buy.

Keep us informed on your progress :)

Joao Barros


I'm installing the machine atm. I will still have to read about vpnc in
order to migrate client profiles (I have the cisco client profiles) to the
vpnc config files.

I will post my updates/questions in this thread.

Thanks in advance
Alexandre Vieira - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Alexandre Vieira - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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