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For answer Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> no I can't do that (well easy do..) because my client have only on NIC and the client is XDM
server. And all my user-client (connected by xdmcp) is on same subnet.

It's very complicate if I want two subnet for my servers.

I am not saying to get rid of your original single subnet. I am saying you can add additional subnets with IP ailases on your NIC(s) and do the nfs over these additional subnets.

You can do this even with just one nic.

Let's say that you have your normal subnet
Lets say you want to add in your nfs subnet and for server nic 1 and server nic 2

client 1 nic1     plus alias

client 2 nic1    plus alias

server nic 1      plus alias
           nic 2      plus alias

This will allow you to keep the xdm stuff (I am not familiar with xdm) on your normal subnet plus do each client on its own nic on the nfs server...

Just make sure that client 1 uses an nfs server of server-nic1-192:/ someshare where server-nic1-192 is the name given in your hosts or dns tables to the alias 192 address on nic1 and the analog on nic2.


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