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> >> I'm looking to buy a PCI Wireless Card for my computer, I'm running FBSD
> >> 6.1 release, from what I understand there are only two drivers ath and wi  
> > 
> > what about ralink ? man 4 ral
> > 
> > i'm sure there are other wireless drivers available in src...  
> I have a card using the ral driver, but it has been far from stable.
> I've experienced various problems the last few releases, and after
> upgrading to 6.2-PRERELEASE, any attempt to run ifconfig on this
> card gives a kernel panic. I've not done any serious attempts at
> troubleshooting this since I don't really need the card. I believe
> the card was branded Bay Networks something something, I could check
> that up if anyone wants to know.

interesting. I have a usb-wireless ural from Gygabyte - works a treat, much
better than under linux. I assumed all the *ral where similar .


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