James Smallacombe wrote:
A couple of months ago, I spent a couple of weeks compiling and configuring
the latest FBSD, apache, perl, qmail and the bazzilion modules, patches and
addon apps that go with all of it on an existing server, and ironing out all
the upgrade issues that entailed.

Since then, due to apparent hardware problems with that server, I just put
together a new server using new hardware.

The old hardware was dual P-III, Adaptec SCSI RAID 1

The new hardware is single Xeon, LSI SAS RAID 1

Both running 6.2-Prerelease.

Is there any reason I shouldn't just copy all of /usr and /var from the old
server, or do I really need to compile everything anew and sort out any
simlinks to other file systems?

Please copy me directly, since I am no subscribed


why not just a dump/restore of the file systems in question?
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