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> 1) If Toshiba were to provide open source drivers for it's
> "weirdities", would you purchase their machines?


> 2) If "yes" to #1, would you join me in a snail-mail writing campaign
> to them to request they provide drivers for BSD and/or Linux -
> preferrably open source for one, or closed source for both, if it must
> remain closed for whatever reasons.


> 3) Off the topic of the main post, what are your top 3 vendors if your
> main consideration is the combination of (1) FreeBSD compatable
> hardware, and (2) Reliable/Honest/Intelligent and Customer Friendly
> tech support for hardware issues.

Depends what for... notebooks : had some mostly-OK experience with Tosh,
definitely good with IBM. Servers, HP have been good so far, and so have
hand-picked hardware...

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