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James Smallacombe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Is there any reason I shouldn't just copy all of /usr and /var from the old
> server, or do I really need to compile everything anew and sort out any
> simlinks to other file systems?

why not use packages? from the already installed ones . 

I was agreeing with the dump/restore option, but doing it on top of a running
system is possibly not the best idea...specially if you are going to be
overwriting /etc and /usr/local/etc/...  

If you *didnt* have a running system on your new box, then definitely,
dump/restore is great. Alternatively, you can get clever with dumping/restoring
to alternative partitions and then adapt /etc/fstab in the new box to use the
new files...

the issue with libarchive + tar is, maybe, that is heavily used by tar itself?

good luck

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