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Viewed from a slightly different angle...

If you are responsible for maintaining machine xyz, and you have used
tcpwrappers... chances are you'll eventually need access to that machine
from a location you did not previously expect.  Maybe your sitting in the
airport and get a call that the machine is malfunctioning.  Maybe you are
on call at a social gathering.  In any case, you'll need access and if it
is using tcpwrappers, you may not gain access.

This is *definitely* something that you need to think through. I have two machines at work that are always on, so I can always ssh to them first, then to the server and edit the /etc/hosts.allow file to give myself temporary access, if needed. In general, I prefer to go through those hosts, rather than open another avenue that I may later forget to remove. Since everything I do on those servers (almost) is through ssh, it's not a problem for me to need an extra "hop" before I get to the box.

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