В сообщении от Пятница 27 октября 2006 06:17 Nikhil Patel написал(a):
> 1. I want to teach basic unix command, shell scripting to my students, does
> BSD is same like Unix?
>   2. Can I install FreeBSD on Pentium PC that has 2 partition 1 has windows
> XP and 1 will have FreeBSD.
>   3. Is installation process easy?

1. Well, yes, it is. FreeBSD has standard shells like sh, bash, csh and so on.
2. Shure, many people do so.
3. I depends on you, If you are a shell scripting teacher, you should know 
much about UNIX and that means the installation will be a pleasure, because 
you will understand sysinstall's questions.

That's it.

С уважением, Бачило Дмитрий
Best Regards, Bachilo Dmitry
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