Hi all,

I did an upgrade of my LAN this morning from 10Mbits to 100Mbits (full
duplex). To do so i bought to Sitecom Fast Ethernet LAN cards (sitecom

After installation i found out that freebsd gave both the cards the same
MAC address (here is my arp output)           08-00-08-00-08-00     dynamic           08-00-08-00-08-00     dynamic

i also found out that these are not the MAC adresses they are supposed to
have (the DOS tool shows other MAC addresses).

The driver both cards use is dc

Can anyone tell me what is going on and if i can change the MAC of one of
the cards during boot. I know i can change them using

ifconfig dc0 lladdr <newmac>

but i need to do this at boot cause having the same MAC address i lose
contact to both servers.

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