On Sat, 2003-01-11 at 22:46, Nikolaj Farrell wrote:
> Hello again everyone, I will try to clearify below;
> > Thanks for getting back with the funky art:-)
> >
> > Question on the network though, you mentioned:
> >
> > "but the idea is that all machines except .0.2 have one NIC connected to
> > the hub"
> More appropriate description would be "All machines except have
> one NIC. has two NICs, where one NIC is connected to hub and the
> other to DSL modem." I am sorry if this caused confusion.
> >
> > So according to your diagram, the FreeBSD box has two nics - 1 to
> > Internet (?) and the other connected to ...., what?
> >
> > Which interface on the FreeBSD box has the IP address of If
> > of all the machines, ".0.2" connect to the hub, how do the others then
> > see the FreeBSD box?
> Actually all my computers are FreeBSD. The gateway with two NICs has one NIC
> connected to the hub. Me writing "0.2" was simple laziness and meant
> I was not trying to indicate an ip-range or anything similar.
> >
> >
> > You also mention:
> >
> > "0.2 has two NICs and is gateway/firewall"
> >
> > What packet filter do you have? For whichever you are using, please post
> > the fw logs.
> >
> is running natd/ipfw. The only thing forwarded aimed
> specifically at one machine is pop and smtp which both redirect to my
> mailserver. Otherwise the following rule is all I have; (apart from
> firewalling on external NIC and there are no rules for the internal network)
> 00100 divert 8668 ip from any to any via xl0
> These rules work perfectly for all other fbsd-boxes on my LAN.
> > Looking forward to hearing more on the information I asked for here.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Stacey
> >
> I hope this makes things a little more clear. I can also add that I, in all
> frustration, did a complete reinstall. I repartioned/sliced the disk and
> then installed again from cd-rom. (The installer wouldn't allow ftp, since
> it couldn't find any servers responding... ;) ). This did, naturally, not
> help at all.

Thanks for clarifying things.

I think I understand now. Here's what I (and others as well) believe is
the root of the problem - its ipfw.

By default its got a rule that reads DENY EVERYTHING. If you run "ipfw
show" then it'll be right at the bottom. Unless you expressly allow
traffic with ipfw statements, then you'll get packets not being
forwarded onto respective destinations. Also if you've not actually
configured the rule-set (E.G. for logging) then that explains why
nothing appears in the logs.

You mentioned that you've not configured any rules for the internal
network, so you've answered you own questions here. Post the output from
the above ipfw cmd, and I'm sure there'll be lots of assistance for you.


> regards
> /Nikolaj
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