On Sat, 2003-01-11 at 18:00, Jim Arnold wrote:
> I am running netatalk-1.6.0_1,1 from the FreeBSD ports systems on two 
> boxes and connecting from Mac OS X 10.2.3.
> Now when I connect from one box I get the following error on the mac:
> Connection failed
> An AppleShare system error occurred.
> I can connect to the other box without any problems. Netatalk is 
> configured the same on both boxes. This problem came on suddenly.
> Below is the log file showing netatalk starting up.
> This is a stumper.
> Please also cc me on any email as I can no longer subscribe to the list.

The log isn't too helpful, but a sniffer trace might be.  Can you
capture the client connection to the "bad" server with tcpdump, and send
me the raw capture file.  I recommend the following command line:

tcpdump -s 1518 -w /tmp/outfile host <IP address of client>

Note, this assumes you're connecting over TCP (which you really should
be with OS X).


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