Perhaps I misunderstood here.

On Sat, 2003-01-11 at 23:59, Nikolaj Farrell wrote:
> >
> > So, you're saying that with this configuration, you:
> > 1] Cannot ping any hosts on the internal network
> > 2] No internal hosts can ping the internal IP address of the g'way.
> >
> > Do this for me:-
> > 1] tail /var/log/security
> > 2] Back-up your current ipfw ruleset - and disconnect (physically) from
> > the internet
> > 3] create a new rule set that reads ipfw add allow log ip any to any
> > 4] reload the new ruleset into place
> > 5] Try connecting to and from other internal hosts
> > 6] Post logs here.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Stacey
> Summary so far;
> Actually what I am saying is:
> 1] Computer with problems cant ping anything but itself
> 2] All internal computers can access the gw (and internet), except for
> computer with problems.
> 3] The gateway machine has no problems, neither do any of the other
> computers on the LAN.
> As for the stuff you want me to do;
> One of the first things I checked was the firewalling, and I then did an
> ipfw flush. (just to be sure)
> security logs show nothing, probably due to that firewall is completely open
> on the internal interface and firewall is default to accept. If you really
> really think the security-log can be of help I can post it, but please read
> on.
> Everything else in the network, except for fawlty machine, works
> problem-free and have done so in over two years. the computer is
> brand new and is set up on the same physical location and the same tp-cable
> as the old computer. (which is not used anymore).

I see. So there's this machine hanging off the hub that no-one else can
see, and he cannot see anyone else. Yet when booted to WinXP, he is

Forgive me and post what you get from "ifconfig -au", please.


> When I ping from to ANY host  no packets leave the
> interface-card (according to hub).
> The only thing that so far has prevented me from throwing the NIC out the
> window is the fact that if I reboot the computer, and boot up WindowsXP
> instead, everything works perfectly. This also rules out problems set
> outside of (or am I wrong?).
> regards
> /Nikolaj
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