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I'm a n00b to the FreeBSD kernel and I'm trying to log all commands run on the command line from within the kernel for security purposes by loading a kernel module which redefines execve(). I've successfully created the KLD and have it working, but am having problems saving the command's arguments. Could anyone point me to where in the kernel I should be looking for the arguments sent to the process? p->p_args gives me the parent process's cmdname only (sh, in this case), and uap->argv is just the relative pathname of uap->fname. Ideally, I'd like the user, full command line, and cwd logged for each command entered.

Here's an example of what I've been hacking away on:

new_execve (struct thread *td, struct execve_args *uap)
       char *user;
       struct proc *p = td->td_proc;

       user = p->p_pgrp->pg_session->s_login;
       if (p->p_ucred->cr_ruid == 1001) {
               printf("%s %d %s\n", user, p->p_pid, uap->fname);
       return (execve(td,uap));

Running 'ls -al' with the above, I get the username, pid, and absolute filename printed such as, but can't find the actual arguments:
dave 6689 /bin/ls

Any help would be appreciated.

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