On 30 Oct patrick wrote:
> Hi list
> I had firefox- running on my workstation at home and at work. Two
> weeks ago firefox crashed the first time. On both (work and home). After
> many crashes i installed firefox-devel (firefox - 2.0). But now it is
> the same. It just crashes without any reason. I am using Freebsd
> 6.1-BETA1. 
> Has anybody a problem like that and/or a solution?
> If needed I can send a corefile.

Same here. Nothing changed on the server. No updates not nothing. Still,
Firefox has started to crash randomly on sites it formerly never did!

I'm not willing to investigate in plugins installed or whatever, because
as I said, *nothing* has changed. Only the behaviour of firefox suddenly
became very unstable. Weird, very weird.
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