It would be very very useful if you provided dmesg(8), bsdlabel(8), and fdisk(8) outputs to illustrate the problem.

For each RAID group you assemble in the BIOS/CMOS utility, you should see a seaparate mfid[0-9] phyiscal device. Once properly partitioned, they should each contain "s1" slice -- for some reason we number disks from 0 but slices from 1 (possibily because the BIOS does)

Then each physical slice can be BSD labeled'd with [a-z]


On Thu, 26 Oct 2006, Krempasky, Mark wrote:


We have a new Dell 2950 with 6 disks, we have verified that the bios and
raid controller firmware are up to date.

Our issue is: after creating 3, RAID 1 virtual disk groups and
initializing them we successfully install FreeBSD 6.1 on the first raid
We then create a file system on the second raid group which seems to
wipe out the FreeBSD install on the first disk group.

It seems as though FreeBSD6.1 is not differentiating between the
different disk groups thus when you make changes to 1 group it will
write the changes to the other.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get FreeBSD6.1 to differentiate between
the different virtual disk groups on a Dell 2950?

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