Hi all,

I have a kind of anoying problem at the moment. A system I run keeps radomly 
freezing/locking up. This can be anywhere from 2 hours to a week after the last 
reboot/lockup. The only fix its to power cycleit. It isnt kernel panicing, it 
just locks. Even accessing  via serial doent work. I have  changed all the 
hardware so the issue is unlikely to be there. The load on the box isnt all 
that high and the memory usage looks fine (all rrded). The box is running quite 
a lot of services (apache, mysql,exim. spamassasing, clamav, courier, openvpn, 
zebra). Usually all these services, apart from openvpn and zebra,  run in a 
jail. I dont think this is an issue as the machine still freezes if i run them 
non jailed. Deactivating all these services apart from openvpn and zebra 
(needed for monitoring), seems to fix the problem from what I can see so im 
fairly sure the problem lies in these somewhere. However can anoyone suggest I 
way i can easily pinpoint the problem other that stepping though each app, as 
this would take an age to perform and be very tedious.

The system has been  rebuilt from src (make world) several times, and I have 
dont a portupgrade  -a. All the local installations were  done from ports.

I have tried running a debug kernel, but it didnt seem to yeild much useful 

Im running 6-stable( last build 4 days ago )
its an SMP kernel on 1 gig intels
with 1.2gig ram
2 x 80 gig ide hd

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