opbc wrote:
Greetings to all,
I’m proud to be upgrading from 4.2 – 6.1 this morning.
After the initial install, from disk one, I want to add some stuff that I
like AND make X work, KDE and all that .

With sysinstall, it tells me to put in disk 2 for some of the packages.  It
starts to read them, then displays a great deal of “failure” to add package
error messages.

Q:  is this a common occurrence?
Is this what happens with 6.1?

It's possible that CD2 is corrupted and/or burned at an incompatible speed.
But if you have internet connectivity, just get them from the source:

# pkg_add -r x11-fonts/webfonts

will download and install them from the source, so you know you are getting
the latest and greatest.

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