In the last episode (Nov 01), Kenny Dail said:
> > > I'm running 6.1 Release, and I've been looking for information on
> > > how to bond multiple ethernet adaptors in one box so that if one
> > > card or connection fails or is disconnected I still have network
> > > connectivity.
> > Have a look at carp(4). It's a failover solution and not a bonding
> > one, but it sounds like that's more what you're after anyway.
> Thanks for that, but I would be interested in bonding, unless in the
> FreeBSD world that can't be achieved with failover. It's a fairly
> straight forward setup on my Linux servers, I was thinking it would
> be easy enough, but I haven't seen the docs for it anywhere.

Try ng_fec, although it really doesn't implement fec negotiation, so
you need to hardcode the settings to match on the switch.  There's also

        Dan Nelson
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