portmanager creates a backup package of each port it is about to upgrade in case the upgrade fails and stores them in /tmp. Recently a machine choked on a large unattended upgrade when /tmp filled up with .tbz's.

I've since changed --with-tempdir=/tmp in the Makefile to point somewhere with a bit more space as a workaround (but havne't tested yet).

Is this new behaviour or have I broken something? I'm sure I've done similarly large upgrades before without problem.

As a secondary question, man hier(7) says /tmp is for files that may not survive a reboot. Can I happily delete anything in /tmp or is there stuff I should at least put somewhere else?

The machine is a desktop with various office and multimedia packages running 6.2-PRERELEASE #1: Sat Sep 16 12:05:07 BST 2006 i386. Ports are up to 20061014.

Thanks for any suggestions


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