Eric Schuele writes:

>  How can I force a reinstall of a port and all its deps.

        The port itself will handle anything "above".
        As for things "below" ... you're pretty much hosed.  If the pkg
db (or equivalent) existed, it would know which ports had been
installed and could rebuild things.
        Without the pkg db, the only record of what _should_ be
installed is in your head.  On the other hand, if you remeber
certain leaf ports installing them will drag in most of the
infrastructure.  (My candidates: OpenOffice, Firefox, Apache,
something involving Java. GIMP.)  It will still take time, but
within limits you can just let it run.

        A scenario for the future: my /var/db/pkg has ~620 entries, and
totals just over 62mb.  Building a tarball took less than a minute
and ate another 60mb.  Might be a sound investment.

                                Robert Huff
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