Andrew Falanga wrote:

> When it boots, I log in and configure an IPv6 address like this:
> ifconfig sis0 inet6 fec0:1:1:1::3/64
> Which works just great.  It so happens in this little isolated network I'm
> building, this address was taken, so then I did the exact same command as
> above only I gave it the address of fec0:1:1:1::2/64.  The part that I want
> to know how to eliminate is, after issuing the second command, I listed the
> interface configuration using ifconfig and both the addresses were present.
> How can I eliminate the first address?  I've looked over the ifconfig
> manual
> page several times, each time reading it just a little bit more carefully,
> but I haven't found anything that answers this question.  Would some kind
> person please help me out and show me what it is that's eluding me from
> making this happen?
from man ifconfig
-alias  Remove the network address specified.  This would be used if you
incorrectly specified an alias, or it was no longer needed.  If
you have incorrectly set an NS address having the side effect of
specifying the host portion, removing all NS addresses will allow
you to respecify the host portion.

it also says you can use delete or remove

(not really an rtfm cause i know how it is when you know you've read
something carefully but still managed not to see what your looking for ;)

> Thanks,
> Andy
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