On 2006-11-02 23:22, Sergio Lenzi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello all
> after trying to set up the sound on the 6.1 RELEASE  on a acer aspire
> 3100 notebook, I realise that the driver for the sound chip was the
> HDA (high definition audio)
> That notebook use a realtek version of the sound ship.
> The code I get in the internet does not compile in the 6.1-RELEASE it
> complains about some missing entry points in the sound.ko module (that
> exists in the -current kernel).
> I do not want to to use the CURRENT so I fixed the code to work with
> the 6.1-RELEASE..    the main problem was the distorted sound it
> produces The problem was that the realtek chip was not able to make
> dma larger than 4096 bytes long   a small fix in the hdac.c code did
> the trick....
> Just get the file http://www.k1.com.br/downloads/snd_hda.tar.gz unpack
> it and do o make;make install inside the directory created   (you must
> have the kernel sources installed)....

Hi Sergio,

if you haven't done so already, then maybe ariff@ is interested in
seeing your patches, reviewing them and then MFC'ing the driver changes,
so 6-STABLE users can benefit from your work too.

I've copied him to this reply.  If your merge was ok, it would be (IMHO)
beneficial to all if you two guys worked together to bring the driver to
a stable enough state for RELENG_6 too, right? :)

- Giorgos

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