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> YMMV, but I have fvcool running while building world, compiling
> ports, etc., and have never had the slightest difficulty.

I did some research as to why fvcool would make your computer unstable. And,
it turns out, it is not so much the CPU itself which may cause instability,
but the power supply. :(

The idea is, that when your power supply heavily fluctuates between, say,
70W (normal operations), and 5W (power-safe mode), the power supply may
experience trouble keeping the voltages stable. Plus, rapidly fluctuating
the power draw, to the effect that fvcool would cause, or rather: that
power-safe mode would cause, it is argued that the lifespan of your power
supply may shorten drastically.

And then there is the issue of the UPS. Dunno about others, but my UPS (APC
350), according to its specifications, does not allow equipment that draws
power on a gliding scale (like lamps with dimmer switches).

All-in-all, and I say this with regret, I have therefore decided not to use
fvcool, after all. :(

- Mark

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