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> Hello,
> what is the best way to launch subversion (svnserve) on boot?
> So far I did not find out something that can be put in /etc/rc.conf.

Apart from the very good suggestions already made, you might like to 
consider using SSH to automatically invoke an instance of the subversion
server each time one of your developers needs to do something on the 
repository.  This gives you the benefit of having your sessions encrypted on
the wire, and allows you to use an existing user base. It also means, like
starting svnserve from inetd, that you don't need to worry about explicitly
starting it or having a largely quiescent daemon hanging around. (This
latter point very much depends on the level of activity you expect to see
on your server, of course).

It takes a little more work to get it working smoothly, but I find it a
very handy way of going about it. 

The excellent Subversion book has much more information.  Chapter 6 will
probably be of interest.




Daniel Bye

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