Hello all,

        I'm building a small workgroup (10 PCs) which will be used for software and 
network testing as well for day-to-day usage. We're also conducting small 
classes teaching UNIX for school students in our area. Therefore I'm looking 
for a good integrated Athlon chipset which are supported in FreeBSD. I'm 
specifically looking at Epox EP-8KMM+ utilizing the VIA KM266 chipset. But 
I'm a little doubtful about the sound, video and above all, the NIC.

The sound uses Realtek ALC201A chipset, the video is VT8375 ProSavage8 and the 
NIC utilizes Realtek RTL8100B(L). I can't seem to find on the FreeBSD 
hardware page supports for the sound and the NIC while a search on Xfree 
driver site turned zero on the video. Does this mean, that they are not 
supported? I'm really interested in the chipset because it's cheap and most 
of us are literate when it comes to hardware, we can skip the support that 
comes with pricier brands and motherboards.

My other option would be Asus A7N-266E using the nForce 420D chipset. I've 
heard cases that this particular motherboard is usable in FreeBSD. The NIC is 
RTL8139 (rl) while other nForce boards seem to use the MCP-D built-in LAN, 
which I can't seem to find any cases of it being run on any installation.

I'm open to any suggestion that will allow me to choose the best platform for 
our research. Cost of course is a factor but I will not buy cheap if it's 
going to prove a hassle in the future.

Thank you for your time.
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