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I have a quick question. I know these options are prevelent in Linux* Operating Systems. It's been a while since I used Freebsd. Last night I installed FreeBSD 6.1 (AMD64).

For certain reasons, I need the FreeBSD kernel to achieve 1000 Hertz. Most linux OS's default at 250 and in order to change it the kernel needs to be recompiled. Does this work the same way for FreeBSD 6.1?

If someone could show me how to adjust the values to 1000Hertz that would be great.

PS. I have another quick question. I am running AMD64 because I have a 64 bit system. It's Dual Intel Xeons 64 bit. In the kernel it shows AMD64 as machine type, and HAMMER as cpu_type. I assume hammer stands for clawhammer/sledgehammer core found in AMD cpus. Because im using Intel Xeons should this value be changed? I am unsure what to use for the cpu type in the kernel.

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