Hello all (again)

I just e-mailed the list before and recieved a response on my last question however I have one more problem (which seems to be the biggest for me). I am trying to run a Counter-Strike: Source dedicated server off FreeBSD 6.1. I previously had it running fine with CentOS but because BSD needs linux binaries and such, i have run into a problem.

First off I'd like to say that I already installed linux_base8 (or so i think) and have enabled it in rc.conf. I installed the source dedicated server files using hldsupdatetool (steams client) NOT the one provided by /use/ports/games/linux-steam. I found that the steam client in freebsd ports seems a bit outdated since steam doesnt use email and logins anymore to install/update steam server files. There used to be a problem with the hldsupdatetool which forced people to use the steam update tool in the ports collection but I believe thats been fixed now because i ran it without any problems (unless theres something i dont know).

In any event to make a long story short, when I try to run srcds, it gives me an error and refuses to run.

For all those gameserver people out there and GSP's do you think you could lend a hand? I know quite a few gameservers providers that run their source servers on freebsd. Maybe im doing something wrong. Could someone walk me through how to get source up and running starting from scratch on everything I need to do/install in order for source to work?

This is the error im getting when i try to run srcds

chi01-043-36# ./srcds_i686 -game cstrike +hostport 27015 +ip +maxplayers 12 +map de_dust2 +exec server.cfg +fps_max 600 -tickrate 100 Failed to open bin/dedicated_i686.so (tier0_i486.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)

Thanks much in advance!
I promise I won't try to bother the list anymore

Kind Regards,
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