Karol Kwiatkowski wrote:

> anyone got 3Com 3c905B-COMBO network card (Fast EtherLink XL PCI)
> working with 10base2/BNC?
> I just bought one and I can't figure it out. It has BNC connector and
> should be supported according to man xl page.

You did use T-connectors with 50 ohm terminators at both ends of the
coax, right?  (Just checking the obvious.)

IIRC. you can use the 3Com setup/diagnostic program for the card to
force it to use a particular media selection and store that setting in
non-volatile memory on the card. Not certain about this, it's been a
while . . .

You can also boot the 3Com diagnostic diskette (it runs MS-DOS) to do a
loopback test of a pair of cards. Since that eliminates FreeBSD from the
test, it should give you a better idea whether your problem is with the
hardware or the xl driver.

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