I'm use FreeBSD CURRENT, ${OSVERSION} is 700024

So, I have laptop HP Compaq nc6320 whith WiFi adapter Intel 3945ABG.
When I turning on my WiFi using button on the laptop, I see in
dmesg following:

| # dmesg tail:
| ugen0: <Broadcom Corp HP Integrated Module, class 224/1, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 
3> on uhub5

Now, I find following site for configure my FreeBSD:

In this site I see that I should build the port net/ipw-firmware.
But I read in /usr/ports/UPDATING:

| 20060418:
|   AFFECTS: users of net/{ipw,iwi}-firmware
|   Some changes in the way ipw(4) and iwi(4) work lead to fundamental
|   changes in ipw-firmware and iwi-firmware ports. Since these drivers
|   are now using loadable kernel modules as firmware, two new ports have
|   been created: net/ipw-firmware-kmod and net/iwi-firmware-kmod.  
|   You should not be able to install the wrong one since detection is
|   based on your FreeBSD version. Trying to install the wrong port will
|   result in an error message (port marked as IGNORE).

And when I trying to run make in this port, I get following

| # cd /usr/ports/net/ipw-firmware/
| # make
| ===>  ipw-firmware-1.3_8 is now obsolete,
| install net/ipw-firmware-kmod instead.
| *** Error code 1
| Stop in /usr/ports/net/ipw-firmware.

Ok, now I trying to build ipw-firmware-kmod:

| # cd /usr/ports/net/ipw-firmware-kmod/
| # make
| ===>  ipw-firmware-kmod-1.3_1 needs fresh ipw(4),
| install net/ipw-firmware instead.
| *** Error code 1
| Stop in /usr/ports/net/ipw-firmware-kmod.

This looks like a joke... So in the
/usr/ports/net/ipw-firmware-kmod/Makefile I find folliwing lines:

| .if !( ${OSVERSION} > ${MIN7OSVERSION} || \
|         ( ${OSVERSION} < 700000 && ${OSVERSION} >= ${MIN6OSVERSION} ) )
| IGNORE=         needs fresh ${DRIVERNAME}(4), install 
net/${DRIVERNAME}-firmware instead
| .endif

are 999999. It's seems to me this is a bug, and exclamation
should be removed...

Does anybody know whete I can find FRESH howto about installation
of this drivers? Why I see USB messages about ugen, when I
turning on WiFi adapter? What should I do to configure WiFi?

Sensory  yours, Eugene  Minkovskii
Сенсорно ваш,   Евгений Миньковский
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