Just asking a general curiosity question in regards to this just in case 
something's starting to go back with my box.  Noticed this across two different 
days of logs and after some digging in google it seems that a kernel trap is a 
bad thing.  Here's what I've been seeing.

> Warning: pid 25152 used static ldt allocation. 
> See the i386_set_ldt man page for more info

That was in my first set of logs.  I've seen this like once in a blue moon, 
usually because one of my programs cops and attitude or something, so I've just 
generally ignored them.  Then I got this today:

> kernel trap 22 with interrupts disabled

Oddly, it appeared in the same number of repetitions as the previous error.  Is 
there any corelation or is this anything to worry about or can I just generally 
ignore this?  Is it caused by a program being naughty?  Any info would be 
welcome.  Thanks.  :)

PS: The bsd box this comes from is being used as a workstation, not a server, 
fyi if that makes any difference.

Steven Lake 

"Duct Tape takes over where skill leaves off" 
     -Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales. 
"I'm not afraid of flying...I'm afraid of being at 35,000 feet and suddenly 
*not* flying."
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