FreeBSD 6.1
Fetchmail release 6.3.5+RPA+SDPS+SSL+OPIE+NLS.

I had been running fetchmail without incident for over a year. I then did 
something stupid; I updated it. Now, it produces this error message in 
the /var/maillog file:

Nov  4 12:57:52 scorpio fetchmail[734]: connection to localhost:smtp 
[::1/25] failed: Connection refused.

It never did this before. I do not see anything apparently broken, but I am 
unsure. Other then reverting to the older version which worked flawlessly, 
what else should I be looking for?

Fetchmail is harvesting mail and delivering it to Postfix. This has got me 

Gerard Seibert

History is on our side (as long as we can control the historians).

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