On Sat, Nov 04, 2006, Gerard Seibert wrote:
>FreeBSD 6.1
>Fetchmail release 6.3.5+RPA+SDPS+SSL+OPIE+NLS.
>I had been running fetchmail without incident for over a year. I then did 
>something stupid; I updated it. Now, it produces this error message in 
>the /var/maillog file:
>Nov  4 12:57:52 scorpio fetchmail[734]: connection to localhost:smtp 
>[::1/25] failed: Connection refused.
>It never did this before. I do not see anything apparently broken, but I am 
>unsure. Other then reverting to the older version which worked flawlessly, 
>what else should I be looking for?
>Fetchmail is harvesting mail and delivering it to Postfix. This has got me 

This is failing when fetchmail attempts to connect to postfix to send the
mail locally.  Either postfix isn't running, or perhaps the main.cf file
has been changed so it's not listening on localhost.

The command ``lsof -n -i :25 | grep LISTEN'' should show any processes
listening on port 25 (SMTP)

Try ``postconf smtp_bind_address'' to see if postfix configured to listen
on a specific interface.

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