On Saturday 04 November 2006 13:43, Bill Campbell wrote:

> This is failing when fetchmail attempts to connect to postfix to send the
> mail locally.  Either postfix isn't running, or perhaps the main.cf file
> has been changed so it's not listening on localhost.
> The command ``lsof -n -i :25 | grep LISTEN'' should show any processes
> listening on port 25 (SMTP)
> Try ``postconf smtp_bind_address'' to see if postfix configured to listen
> on a specific interface.

The first command produced absolutely nothing. The postconf output was also 
blank. This problem did not exist until I updated fetchmail. It does appear 
that all of the mail is being delivered. The  'mailq' is negative. Perhaps 
this is just a nuisance warning in the newer version. I'll post it on the 
fetchmail board and see what they have to say.


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