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> Hello!
> I'm use FreeBSD CURRENT, ${OSVERSION} is 700024
> So, I have laptop HP Compaq nc6320 whith WiFi adapter Intel 3945ABG.
> When I turning on my WiFi using button on the laptop, I see in
> dmesg following:

hmm i *think* the 3945 is not supported yet.

> | # dmesg tail:
> | ugen0: <Broadcom Corp HP Integrated Module, class 224/1, rev 2.00/1.00,
> addr 3> on uhub5

> Does anybody know whete I can find FRESH howto about installation
> of this drivers? Why I see USB messages about ugen, when I
> turning on WiFi adapter? What should I do to configure WiFi?

the way I see it, that's a message from the USB root to the kernel. The kernel
simply prints out the information presesented to it from the device, but then
you need an actual driver to interface between the kernel and the hardware,
which ,  i believe, is still missing for the 3945. Maybe NDIS may be an option
for this card? 

check the archives, there's quite a bit on this (either questions of mobile-)

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