On Sat, Nov 04, 2006, at 22:29:56 -0500, Michael S wrote:
> Good day all.


> I am looking into installing SugarCRM for a friend of
> mine. First of all, those who have installed and using
> this package on FreeBSD, I wanted to know their
> impressions on the installation and behaviour of the
> software.

I've worked with it some and it's a very good application. A co-worker
was looking for a system to manage contacts, leads, to-do lists, print
mailing labels for literature, etc, and SugarCRM has been very good so
far for managing it all. It's got a lot of features. I'd definitely give
it a try and see if it does what you need.

> Second of all I saw on the FreeBSD ports page that
> SugarCRM requires the following:
> XFree86-libraries-4.5.0, expat-2.0.0_1,
> fontconfig-2.3.2_6,1, freetype2-2.2.1_1.
> I wanted to know what X libraries are for and whether
> they are necessary. I had assumed that it's a
> PHP/Apache/MySQL type of setup.

I did not install it via the port (just did it locally into a user's
home directory), but I believe the X libraries are there as a
requirement of GD for PHP. Sugar is indeed a web application.


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