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I just installed 6.1 on a new laptop (Dell XPS M1210). It has a 2Ghz Intel Core2 Duo processor and two gigs ram. Every time it gets to the part in the bootup where you have to type a bunch of random junk it goes into a reboot. It's not an abrupt reboot. FreeBSD does show it is initiating the reboot. This is the error that is reported right before the reboot happens:

   panic: driver error: busdma dflt_lock called
   cpuid = 1
   Uptime: 12s
   Cannot dump. No dump device defined
Automatic reboot in 15 seconds -b fe0: link state changed to DOWN

Does anyone know what I can do at this point?

google it up, plenty of resources, could be lots of things. But first check your hardware:


Being I do not have anything important on the laptop and have a complete image of the HD prior to installing FreeBSD, I decided to try loading 7.0-CURRENT from the ISO. It was a success. I have now CVSUP'd the sources and have completed a buildworld and buildkernel without any issues. I've also installed X and have KDE running.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have looked at a number of things and will proceed down that path if I run into anything with 7.0.
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