On Saturday November 04, 2006 at 08:58:08 (AM) Eric Schuele wrote:

> Example from the man page:
>   rebuild  all installed ports
>            portmanager -u -f
> This might be my silver bullet.  Its been running for quite some time 
> but it appears to be rebuilding everything and its full set of 
> dependencies.  Thanks!
> I've never used portmanager before.  Always portupgrade.  Nice.
> I was having all sorts of difficulties using `pkgdb -F`.  possibly 
> something else gone wrong on my machine.  It was complaining of 
> DB_PAGE_NOTFOUND? and complaining that it could not convert nil to 
> String?  Never seen it do that before.

You might have wanted to include the "-l" flag so you would have had a
log of what actually transpired. Not a big thing I guess. Be sure to run
'pkgdb -aFu' when portmanager finishes. It usually does not report any
errors, but it cannot hurt to be on the safe side.

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