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> <stuff>
> Not that this is any particular help but is there some special reason
> you want to run the mail through postfix rather than simply use a
> tool like procmail straight from fetchmail for your deliveries? That
> is what I do. This is the "magic". I run it as each of two individual
> users.
> defaults mda "/usr/bin/procmail -d <me>"
> <me> is really the user name for the user running the instance of
> fetchmail. Loren and I use different fetchmail modes.

Several reasons:

1) I dislike procmail

2) Fetchmail doesn't recommend procmail

3) All of my AV and Anti-Spam controls are set up in Postfix

4) Nearly all of the users on my system are 'virtual'. I was told that
procmail either doesn't work or doesn't work reliably with 'virtual'

5) I already have Dovecot installed. I have no reason for another LDA.

6) Not all of the mail for this system is delivered via Fetchmail.

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