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Hello all,

i am having a strange Problem, which was more apparent under FreeBSD 5.5 and 6.0, but still happens to me under 6.1, on different machines with different NIC`s.

Basically when during the day something happens to my Machines Network Connection, for example someone pulls out the Cable, when it is re-plugged in, sometimes it doesn't become active anymore. It doesn't says No Carrier under ifconfig, but the Machine cannot be pinged and also cannot ping another host. Restarting the Machine is no help.Helping is logging in as root, and issuing a ifconfig vr0 down followed by a ifconfig vr0 up. Then there is a console message saying vr0: Using force reset command. After that everything works again as usual. For some machines this is a real problem for me because they dont have Keyboard Mouse or Monitor, and i cant get in remotely.

Thanks for any Ideas,


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