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Lonnie Cumberland wrote:
> Greetings All,
> Being a long time Linux user and now looking into moving over to
> FreeBSD, I decided to so some research on the web to try and get a
> better idea as to the strengths and weaknesses as compared to other
> operating systems like Linux (Fedora, Gentoo, etc..), OpenBSD, NetBSD,
> and Opensolaris.
> From what I have found, FreeBSD seems to be at the very top in almost
> every way.
> In my Internet travels, I came across a site that has this MAC OS X (
> which I guess is called Darwin?) at:
> http://developer.apple.com/opensource/index.html
> and have noticed that they seem to have built the MAC OS X from a core
> of FreeBSD 5.x.
> Do I read this correctly?
> Also, what are the differences between MAC OS X and Darwin?
> The reason that I ask all of this stuff is because if we were going to
> take a distro to start building from as a base for a project that we are
> working on then would it make more sense to take the latest FreeBSD 6.1
> or the MAC OS X (Darwin) as the base since there has been a great amount
> of work on both distros and they are also both BSD based?
> I guess that I am still a little confused on some of these things and
> hope that some one can help to answer some of my newbie questions.
> Thanks and have a good day,
> Lonnie T. Cumberland
> OutStep Technologies Incorporated
> Tel: 866-425-7010
> Recommended sites:
>       http://www.peoplesquest.com

        This has been mentioned quite a few times on this list.
        The kernel is a Mach kernel, conceptualized by a professor and
his research group out at Carnegie Melon some years back (I want to say
7-8 years), and the userland for the OSX operating system is FreeBSD based.
        Hunting around Wikipedia a bit will most likely facilitate any
answers you may have about Mach (and micro) kernels, OSX, and FreeBSD.
- -Garrett
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