Hello list,

I'm having some issues with font handling in Firefox following the 2.16 
gnome/gtk+ upgrade.

The issue is the same with the following set ups:

Desktop - Firefox on 6.1-RELEASE p10 with xfce-
Laptop - Firefox 2.0 on 6.2-PRERELEASE with xfce-

On each machine I have the MS core fonts installed via the x11-fonts/webfonts 
port. Before the gnome upgrade, firefox made use of these font afterwards it 
doesn't seem to. This is most visible in the tabbed titlebar where it's now 
using an ugly (although anti-aliased) bold font - but it's also noticeable in 
the fonts used to render web pages.

These fonts are still available to X (I can see them in other apps - eg. gVIM 
or Abiword, and can see no errors in /var/log/Xorg.0.log).

I followed the procedure in /usr/ports/UPDATING to upgrade (ie. portupgrade -rf 

If I start firefox from the command line, it starts OK but spits out this 

GConf Error: Failed to launch configuration server: Failed to execute child
process "/usr/local/libexec/gconfd-2" (Invalid argument)

What was in the upgrade of gnome/gtk+ that might change the fonts used 
by/available to Firefox? And how can I reverse it?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Peter Harrison 

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