Thanks everyone for the replay to my post as it did finally occur to me that perhaps this question had been asked on the mailing list, but unfortunately it occurred to me after I sent it.

So, basically the Apple team took FreeBSD and the CM micro-kernel, combined them, made some improvements and added some additional code and then used it all as the MAC OS X core (without the GUI of course)?

With this being said, then does anyone have any experience with the stability and performance?

My guess is that if it is really based upon FreeBSD then the performance should be pretty good from my readings about FreeBSD compared to other operating systems.

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Garrett Cooper wrote:
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Lorin Lund wrote:
Lonnie Cumberland wrote:
Greetings All,

Being a long time Linux user and now looking into moving over to
FreeBSD, I decided to so some research on the web to try and get a
better idea as to the strengths and weaknesses as compared to other
operating systems like Linux (Fedora, Gentoo, etc..), OpenBSD, NetBSD,
and Opensolaris.

From what I have found, FreeBSD seems to be at the very top in almost
every way.

In my Internet travels, I came across a site that has this MAC OS X (
which I guess is called Darwin?) at:

and have noticed that they seem to have built the MAC OS X from a core
of FreeBSD 5.x.
Do I read this correctly?
Also, what are the differences between MAC OS X and Darwin?
I'm pretty sure that Darwin does not include the MAC gui.  I believe
that the guis
used on Darwin are basically the same as found on *BSD and Linux - KDE,
Gnome, ...

Darwin is the core to the OS; it doesn't contain a GUI, unless installed
from ports. Quartz is the "GUI platform" for OSX.
- -Garrett
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