At 12:02 PM 1.12.2003 -0500, JoeB wrote:
>At 12:03 PM 1.12.2003 +0000, Matthew Seaman wrote:
>>On Sat, Jan 11, 2003 at 12:01:44PM -0600, Jack L. Stone wrote:
>>> At 05:44 PM 1.11.2003 +0000, Matthew Seaman wrote:
>>> >On Sat, Jan 11, 2003 at 11:31:22AM -0600, Jack L. Stone wrote:
>>> >> I just updated from FBSD-4.5 to 4.7 on a server running
>apache_fp.1.26. The
>>> >> update somehow has broken the FP extensions (ugh!). I have
>tried a
>>> >> of fixes, including portupgrade, but get a checksum error
>there. Have
>>> >> to rerun the present install of FP using, but
>get this
>>> >> Who should own web root web on port 80 [www]:
>>> >> What should the group for web root web on port 80 be [www]:
>>> >> /usr/libexec/ /usr/lib/ Undefined symbol
>>> >> ERROR: Unable to chown web root web in port 80
>>> >> Hit enter to continue
>>> >>
>>> >> I'm also seeing the "__stderrp" error in my httpd-error.log
>I try
>>> >> to login to FP. So, something has changed in the FBSD-4.5-4.7
>update and
>>> >> I've never seen this error, so don't know what needs to be
>fixed. I have
>>> >> another server running apache_fp.1.27 on FBSD.4.7 just fine.
>>> >>
>>> >> It's looking like an uninstall/reinstall completely for
>>> >> didn't want to have to do that on a box with a bunch of
>>> >>
>>> >> Has anyone seen the above problem on similar installs...???
>>> >
>>> >/usr/src/UPDATING says:
>>> >
>>> >20021110:
>>> >        The definitions of the standard file streams (stdio,
>stdout, and
>>> >        stderr) have changed so that they are no longer
>>> >        constants.  Some older binaries may require updated 3.X
>>> >        compatability libraries (for example, by setting
>>> >        for a buildworld/installworld).
>>> >
>>> >Alternatively to doing a buildworld with COMPAT3X=yes, you could
>>> >install the misc/compat3x port.
>>> Good grief! I read the UPDATING as always, but this one did NOT
>>> in....! Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction
>before I
>>> shot myself in the foot....
>>> If I go the misc/compat3x port route, I assume I need to redo the
>>> buildword....?? If so, then I might as well include the
>COMPAT3X=yes in the
>>> make.conf.
>>All that setting COMPAT3X=yes does is cause the buildworld process
>>uudecode and install some precompiled copies of FreeBSD-3.x shared
>>libraries --- see /usr/src/lib/compat/compat3x.i386 for what's
>>available.  Those libraries were originally just copied off a 3.x
>>machine, but since then kernel changes in 4.x or 5.0 have meant
>>certain changes have had to be back ported to RELENG_3 in order to
>>maintain compatibility between the 3.x shlibs and the kernel.
>>Supplying those libraries by installing the port achieves exactly
>>same effect, but quicker.  However, the choice is entirely up to
>>In the long run, putting COMPAT3X into /etc/make.conf would be my
>>choice, as my regular schedule of buildworlds would ensure
>>was up to date.
>>Once the 3.x shlibs are in place, the binary frontpage binary
>>with the apache-fp port should pick them up OK.  The interface
>>the 3.x shlibs and any applications linked to them should remain
>>exactly the same.
>>       Cheers,
>>       Matthew
>Matthew, thanks again for the reply. However, I've tried both
>methods of
>the compat3x on a test server, including and whole new
>and the latest 4.7-STABLE still hoses FrontPage. I even deleted and
>from scratch on Apache+FP-1.27, but the FP install stops dead at
>trying to
>chown the uid:gid on the root web and gives the same error:
>/usr/libexec/ /usr/lib/ Undefined symbol
>ERROR: Unable to chown web root web in port 80
>This caught me by surprise because I'd had FP running fine with
>(RELEASE and STABLE) on other servers, but it was the installs JUST
>to the change date of 20021110. In fact they where only 5 days
>earlier. FP
>still doesn't understand what's going on apparently.
>Backing down to the installs prior to 20021110 makes FP happy again.
>Unfortunately, until I figure out the cure, I can't track
>4.7-STABLE. As
>much as it is a pain, I must run FP for the users.
>No doubt others running FP must have seen this by now.... nothing
>else is
>affected and 4.7-STABLE runs fine otherwise (tried several
>Any other thoughts, Matthew or from anyone much appreciated.
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>Subject: Re: Apache_fp Port install problem
>Last Thursday I installed apache-fp from the ports collection on
>newly installed FBSD 4.7 box and it installed without any problems.
>But remember a clean install also installs a clean copy of all the
>frontpage pre-rec's which COMPAT3X is one. If I remember correctly
>you also have a lot of other mods on apache-fp and that may have
>messed up the COMPAT3X version you though you were using.   All I am
>saying is as of  1/09/03 the apache-fp port installs cleanly and
>functions correctly with windows frontpage client.
>Later   Joe
Okay, Joe. Good to hear from another Apache+FP user and that it will work.
Now, I've just got to keep trying on the test server to see what combo
needs to be installed.

I really wanted to avoid a whole clean install on the productions boxes
because of the vhosts that will be interrupted. Another thing that fouled
me up yesterday was a "checksum" error because I had an old, forgotten an
earlier copy of Apache+FP-1.27 sitting in the ../distfiles.

Going to have to remember to use "distclean" instead of just "clean" from
the ports.

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

SageOne Net

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