Peo Nilsson wrote:
On Sun, 2006-11-05 at 08:56 -0600, Chris wrote:
At this point - I feel you have a failed install and or broken FBSD. The
WD 80 gig drive should be of zero issue. I use 2 WD SATA 80 gigger w/out
If your drive is partitioned correctly - GAG will and does boot it well.
I downloaded FreeBSD 6.2 BETA-3 and installed it. It works!!!
Now I only wonder what was wrong with the 6.1 Release I couldn´t get to
There was nothing wrong with disk/partitioning, GRUB boot loader or
anything else with my dual boot setup. I already knew that because I´ve
been dual booting before (last FreeBSD was 5.2).
Anyway....I´m smiling again...:-)

As mentioned many times in this list, seek the handbook for dual booting.
I did that, but there was nothing I didn´t already know.

Next I will download FreeBSD 6.1 Release again, this time from another
mirror than the first time. This to find out if there´s something wrong
the one I first downloaded from ftp.sunet,se.

Thanks for the help!
man md5 ....

All mirrors contain the same files. Errors do however occur, and the possibility of a bad download does exist (hey - it's not a perfect world). That's what MD5 checksums are for; to verify that the file you downloaded matches that you were expecting to... all the ISO images afaik have MD5 checksums (see: or mirror). Simply check the file for consistency before you use it - really, this is a habit you should get used to.

Nathan Vidican
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