I find it kind of weird that people click right through
`make config' without reading it.

Actually, the apache module was the default until recently.  I
normally set any non-defaut options in pkgtools.conf and keep things
upgraded with portinstall/upgrade.  The change caught me as well.

Granted the fix was in 20060506 UPDATING, which should be the first
place to go if something goes amiss during an upgrade.  However, there
have been a number of changes to the php family of ports that impacted
people who already had the port installed.  I only wish that when
these types of changes are made to a popular port that the maintainer
would explain the reason for the pain -- due to the quality of the
work done by the port maintainers (excellent, in my opinion) I assume
it was for a good reason -- I just wish I was smart enough to figure
out why or that they would note it, so I could read it and be smarter
for it. <g>

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