Jonathan Horne wrote:
i have a system that is FreeBSD 6.2-PRERELEASE, that i need to upgrade its single disk. id like to keep all its existing slices the same size, and then use the unused space to create a new /opt slice. would dd be the way to go? if so, could someone advise on its proper usage for duplicating one disk to another?

dd would be one way. Use fdisk or sysinstall to create a disk label on the new disk with the partitions sized and named as you want. Then run:

   dd if=/dev/ad0s1a of=/dev/ad1s1a bs=64k

...for each partition (except swap), where you would use the appropriate device names-- if is the source, of points to where you are writing to. It's best to do this in a shell after booting off a FreeBSD CD, so that the on-disk filesystems are not actively mounted when you copy them.

The FAQ has a more complete discussion and alternatives like using dump and restore, I believe.


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